Elemental Feng Shui

Book Layout Design | Graphic Design
Client : M. Charlyne Chiasson (BID, DFS)

About the Author


Charlyne is a Feng Shui Master and Elemental Designer. More than 25 years, she has been teaching Feng Shui and gathering all the information to acknowledge people on the importance of elemental and Feng Shui design in one’s home and business. She wrote her first book and wanted me to be her graphic designer, telling her stories through this book.

The Book


This self-help book that is all about how to understand the elements around us and to understand who we are. It guides us on how to create a good environment and to allow positive energies to our lives.


The Approach



I used a soft tone colour palette to implement Feng(wind) and Shui(water). The author wanted the book to have a hint of her personality, so I decided to create a font type personalized just for her. To effectively tell her stories, I converted all of her hand sketches into professional digital formats to add even more authenticity to her book.

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