UX/UI Design | Mobile Application
(Educational Purpose)

The Brief


The purpose of this project was to follow an iterative and agile approach focusing on User-Centered Design (UCD) as the motivator for creating a product. Our team came up with the idea of making a mobile application that helps people select the perfect gift for someone. The app was called ” O-My-Gift”.

The Idea


Our target customer was a young professional who had a difficult time finding the right gift for their picky friends. Our team did online research and created a persona that indicated their pain points and motivations. We came up with the idea similar to a personality test that can help the user guess what type of gifts matches the personality of the gift recipient.


The Approach


We conducted user testing earlier in the process to test our ideas and consider what was valid or what was not. The test results were very useful for us to decide on the next step.


After the User Experience part was complete, we then created a mid-fidelity prototype. We then had another user test to test the functionality of the app and the User Interface. This stage gave the team more ideas for areas of improvement.

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