Yaletown Counselling

Client : Jessica Willis (Counselor, MA, CCC)
Team : Kathy Wong, Tasha Devis, Linda Pham

The Brief / Problem


Our client, Jessica Willis, works with individuals, families, youth and couples to resolve a wide range of life challenges.


She is the founder and the current owner of Yaletown Counselling located in Vancouver, BC. She needed a website to represent her business.

The Idea


Our client wanted to have clean yet inviting mood and tone to make potential clients feel comfortable when visiting her website. Our team did extensive research on local counselling businesses and came up with the idea of using neutral grey tone with a hint of blue colour. This colour scheme allowed those images to tell the story and created trust.


The Approach


After having team meetings, we started to build the information architecture for the website and a user experience that best-fitted the user’s needs. We then created mockups and a development plan to build a desktop and mobile-optimized website on WordPress system.



From start to finish, what we have learned from this project was how to properly organize, gathered information, and carefully built them on the CMS was quite challenging. However, after all the hard work we’ve done, we finally found the proper system to create a better theme structure for future customers.


The client was very impressed, as she was able to obtain a business lead from the website within the first week of launching.

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