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Peeriya Corfield

A Digital Graphic Designer with the ability to
design and develop websites who strongly
believes in user-centered design.

My Design Process


Meeting is the best way we can get to know each other and to be able to understand your business goals. We will have an in-depth conversation about the organizations brand. What are your expectations? Where do you want to be? and how can I help you get there? So, let’s talk!


After the exploratory meeting, all the information I gathered will be categorized and prioritized ready for a problem-solving process; figuring out the solutions to the problems you're facing. In this step, we will discuss the scope of the work and approach.


Now it’s time to design; turning the ideas into design solutions using my full set of design skills crafting the product(s) customized for a specific target audience! I’ll update the progress and let you make any design decisions.


To check if we’re on the right track, we can also look into conducting user tests or do A/B testing on your final product(s) and improve from there. I believe that there is always plenty of room for improvement in every product.



we can definitely plan and create a remarkable design product that
effectively communicates
the right message
to the right people.


Let's connect and create something AMAZING!!

Peeriya Design Studio

Vancouver, BC

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